Reducing Costs and Improving Employee Engagement For Entertainment Employer

Case Study

The Request

Provide carrier consistency while increasing employee engagement with their benefits.

Company Profile
Industry:  Hospitality & Gaming
Employees: 1150

A large entertainment employer was facing a 25% renewal increase. Beyond that, its insurance was spread over seven carriers with multiple lines of business spread out between each. This created more work for the human resources team, in addition to not having consistency for employees. Finally, the current carrier was not willing to spend or invest more money into the employer’s program. This left it with a large increase, a cumbersome program and little support.

The Solution

Brought the program to market to find potential carrier alternatives.

The employer reached out to Brown & Brown for a solution. The Brown & Brown team brought the program to market to find potential carrier alternatives. Additionally, the team provided options for open enrollment and education support. Through post cards, emails, enrollment guides and on-site enrollment teams, the customer was able to provide enhanced education and support to employees throughout open enrollment.  

Brown & Brown also worked with the customer to build out feeds, times and reporting for open enrollment so that the human resources team had a better understanding of the overall process and flow. The combination of increased education and support from Brown & Brown through open enrollment eased the burden on the human resources team while also providing an improved experience to employees. 

The Results

Enhanced benefits packages by decreasing deductibles and increasing coinsurance.

Through working with Brown & Brown, the customer enhanced its benefits packages by decreasing deductibles and increasing coinsurance. Its original $1k average deductible was reduced to $750, with average coinsurance increasing from 80% to 100%. Its seven carriers were decreased to four, which allowed for better experience for employees and less work for the human resources team.  

Additionally, a strategy was implemented that increased Medicare participation through educating the customer’s aging population, which helped employees see their complete range of options and choose the one they preferred.   

Overall, the customer was left with a streamlined program, an enhanced employee experience and improved support for the human resources team. 

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