EAP Procurement and Communication Strategy

Case Study

The Request

Elevate their well-being offerings.

A Fortune 500 global consumer products company with 8,000+ employees wanted to elevate their well-being offerings to help:

  • Address and reduce stigma
  • Enhance value, access and personalization
  • Improve member navigation and care coordination

This opportunity also included enacting change management and communication strategies.

The Solution

Brown & Brown:

  • Developed a comprehensive RFP and helped the customer select a leading global BH Navigator/EAP solution.
  • Brought together a cross-functional team of well-being, clinical, health analytics and communications specialists to support the fast-tracked implementation.
  • Created a global analytics blueprint and dashboard to help identify targets to track against environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.
  • Developed a change management communication strategy to reach key stakeholders and employees, both domestic and globally. Created content for culturally diverse backgrounds via
    a variety of media channels and facilitated translation of materials.

The Results

Since going live in April 2022, the BH Navigator/EAP solution has had a significant impact:

  • In the first three months, 5.1% of eligible members engaged with the program. Based on this early experience, the vendor and customer set a target engagement rate of 15% for the first year of the program.  This is much higher than the 8.7% engagement rate the customer had during the last year of its previous EAP program.
  • 75% of the customer’s members that regularly engaged with the BH Navigator/EAP solution reported a reduction in their functional impairment.
  • Members on average were waiting just 1.4 days for the next available therapy visit compared to a national average of more than three weeks.

Ongoing Work

  • Vendor management
  • Incorporating results in ESG metrics
  • Coordination of vendor summit

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