Hurricane Preparation and Recovery | Claims Guidelines for Condo Associations

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Hurricane Preparation and Recovery | Claims Guidelines for Condo Associations

Brown & Brown has the knowledge you can trust to support you in navigating the complicated claims process so you can focus more of your time and energy on assisting your owners and tenants, mitigating losses and restoring normal business operations.

We suggest using the following checklist to facilitate an efficient and successful recovery.

Place your insurance carrier on notice of the loss and copy your broker

  • Review your policy jointly with Brown & Brown to identify policy provisions and relevant deductibles.
  • There may be special coverages, sublimits or deductibles that apply to hurricane-related losses.
  • You may have multiple insurance policies implicated following a hurricane, including property, wind and flood. Discuss with your broker which policies to place on notice of loss, based on your specific circumstances.

Assemble your team

  • Designate one team member as point of contact for your communications with adjusters and third-parties.

Notify all involved parties

  • Including owners, tenants, lessees, vendors and any other third-parties that may be affected.
  • Heed the warnings of local authorities and emergency services resources as the storm approaches.

Identify and document loss-related issues that could impair operations

  • Include photos of direct physical damage at your property, including common spaces, entry or exit points, utility interruption and other damaged facilities.
  • Save documents sent by civil or government entities, including emergency orders.
  • Confirm any damages that are related to your business but did not occur at your physical location.

Determine a loss-associated cost tracking system

  • Set up a single accounting code to organize all loss-associated costs in one place.

Create shared access to important documents

  • One portal will help simplify the process of sharing multiple documents with your adjuster and broker.
  • Ensure all data is sufficiently backed up as part of your storm preparedness process.
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