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Implement benefits technology that fits your needs and budget


The constantly evolving benefits technology marketplace can make selecting a first-time benefits administration partner or upgrading your current partner seem like an overwhelming task. Work with our Technology Service specialists to identify or optimize software solutions that align with your overall employee benefit strategies. Our professionals assist with platform selection, integration, ongoing support, member experience, and optimization.

How We Can Help

We don’t believe that one-size-fits-all. Most of our competitors offer only one software system with the expectation that you change the way you do business to accommodate the software’s limitations. Your company is unique and deserves a high-quality Benefit Administration system that aligns with your overall employee benefits strategy, so our team consistently evaluates the marketplace to assess best-in-class platforms. Our professionals are armed to help you navigate and optimize results no matter which platform you choose.

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  • Needs assessment and decision support
  • Software implementation
  • EDI/API integration support
  • Ongoing software support
  • Member experience and optimization tools

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