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The Power of WE

Why Choose Brown & Brown

The Power of WE

At Brown & Brown, we think of ourselves as a team, so we have teammates – not employees. Our aim is to attract people who are competitive, driven and disciplined. Built on meritocracy, our unique company culture rewards self-starters and those committed daily to doing what is best for our customers. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture, which comprises people from all backgrounds, bringing their unique experiences and perspectives into work each day.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging is a key focus for us, and our aim is for each teammate to be their true authentic self and be rewarded for their unique contributions and talents. We recognise that our diversity and varied experiences make us stronger, and despite our differences, our team is connected through shared core values across our organisation.

Health, Family, Business

We encourage a healthy work-life balance for our teammates. Your health and well-being come first, along with the health and well-being of your family. When we, as an organisation, collectively value and support these priorities, our company will continue to be driven by a positive, engaged and productive team.

Positive and Collaborative Work Environment

Teammates are encouraged to openly discuss any issues with leadership to ensure timely and appropriate resolutions. Our senior leadership team is accessible to talk through what is important to you.

Operating as a Meritocracy

We believe teammates should be rewarded on their performance and achievement of goals. A proactive and entrepreneurial attitude thrives across our organisation, providing the freedom to pursue opportunities, while supporting a global business.

Ownership Mindset

Along with the financial stability and sustained growth of an industry-leading brokerage, our teammates’ success depends heavily on their efforts to be the best possible version of themselves. We strive to provide opportunities for teammates to have ownership in our company and create personal wealth through participation in our Save as You Earn (UK Teammates) / Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) and long-term equity grants. Remarkably, over 60% of our teammates currently invest in our company.

Built to Last - A Forever Company

Brown & Brown is rapidly growing on an organic basis and through the acquisition of like-minded companies. Unlike our competitors, we will never be sold.

Our Benefits

We offer a range of competitive benefits, including a selection of company funded benefits, along with a range of voluntary benefits to complement your lifestyle.

Our Commitment to Your Development

We are committed to giving every teammate the training, mentoring and tools needed to succeed. We also support and encourage continuing education and are able to sponsor professional qualifications where appropriate.
Brown & Brown Europe work with a small number of Recruitment Agencies on a Preferred Supplier basis.

We review this list on an ongoing basis against current performance and business needs.

The next full review will take place in December 2023.

Our internal team is dedicated to hiring teammates directly and as such will not engage with agencies who are speculatively sending CV’s to them or our leadership team.

Where signed terms of business are not in place and we have received the CV speculatively, we reserve the right to engage with potential hires directly.

Contact us if you would like to be considered for a contract.

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